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Wanna be your lover, not your fucking mother.

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Grease (1978)

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April 21st:
You’re passionate, energetic, restless and full of spirit. You’re very determined and tend to be honest. You may be somewhat unpredictable. You are charming and have quite a bit of will power but you can over indulge. You like to relax. You may be quite possessive at times. You may get quite jealous at times. You may be quite sensitive and sentimental.


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I’ve learnt that fighting fire with fire, does get you burnt, but standing there in utter silence does the same thing. I’ve learnt there comes a time when you have to get over things, and I’ve learnt that, that time is probably now. I would say I wished you the best, but mama taught me better than to lie. Poison only harms you if you consume it, but what can it do to someone who looks it in the eye and says fuck you? Nothing my friend, so with that, my friend, fuck you & know that your poison is indeed, only poisoning you.

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